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Assistance for Businesses in Nevada, Iowa

The NEDC has a history of partnering with businesses to secure business and financial assistance in order to help your project locate and thrive here in Nevada. Our work includes programs from the City of Nevada, the State of Iowa’s Economic Development Authority and Department of Transportation, and the Federal Government’s Economic Development Administration and US Department of Agriculture. We work with each business to determine to most appropriate resources to help your project succeed. Below are some of the more standard programs we work with.

Local Industrial Property Tax Exemption

The City of Nevada supports business location and expansion efforts with partial exemption from property taxes for the actual value added to real estate by the new construction of industrial property. The exemption schedule is as follows: Year 1, 75%; Year 2, 60%; Year 3, 45%; Year 4, 30%; Year 5, 15%.

Iowa Economic Development Authority: High Quality Jobs Program

This program, administered by the Iowa Economic Development Authority, incentivizes projects based on job creation and capital investment. The program allows for income tax credits for businesses, as well as a sales tax refund for materials spent on construction of the building.

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Iowa Economic Development Authority: Research and Development Tax Credit

This refundable tax credit offers up to 6.5% of the company’s qualifying research expenditures in Iowa. Companies approved for expansion under the High Quality Jobs Program may be eligible for a supplemental tax credit for qualifying research and development activities.

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Renewable Chemicals Production Tax Credit

This first of its kind tax credit incentivizes the production of high-value “building block” chemicals based on weight ($0.05 per pound produced) with annual limits of $1 million for start-ups and $500,000 for established businesses.

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Workforce Training

The Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E) provides eligible businesses with funds to conduct new employee training.

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