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It is the purpose of the NEDC to assist in the development and implementation of a plan to encourage and promote the establishment, development and retention of industrial, manufacturing, housing and commercial interests in the City of Nevada. The effectiveness of the plan will be measured by how it diversifies the economic base by creating and retaining jobs, increasing or adding new businesses, adding tax base and broadening community betterment. As a result of the plan, the City and its citizens should enjoy better prosperity, higher standard of living and a better quality of life than is possible without such planning and development.

Want to play a role in Nevada’s Growth? Nevada needs your participation to continue moving the community forward.

Nevada Economic Development Council (NEDC) was incorporated as a non-profit 501 C6 corporation in the early 1990’s. Although the City of Nevada and the NEDC are separate entities, a partnership of nearly 20 years has existed to accomplish a shared vision for community growth. Typical players in this partnership have been NEDC, City officials and staff, Iowa Department of Economic Development and the community’s utility providers. Area businesses and citizens play an important role in supporting growth within the community.

Over the past decade, these partnerships have provided new projects that have added more than $53 Million in assessed valuation and provided more than $1,624,000 in additional tax revenues to the City of Nevada annually. Jobs created/retained as a result of these projects total more than 1000. A stagnate and “no growth” community is a dying community. At a time when many communities of Nevada’s size have experienced declining industrial and business growth, Nevada continues in a growth mode.

NEDC Strategic Plan & Goals

Increase Land For Industrial Development

Enhance the amount of available land for industrial development by acquiring the City of Nevada’s 51 acres on W 18th Street and deploying infrastructureto create parcels for industrial use. Additionally, we will begin on phase two of growth on W A Ave by securing an additional 25-50 acres under option, adjacent to that land.

Industrial Land Conversions

Major industrial land conversations will be had with land owners along Lincoln Highway and 600th Ave toacquire options for land in 40-acre parcels to allow for larger projects in Nevada.

Enhance Housing Opportunities

Enhance housing opportunities in Nevada by 75 unitsby October 1, 2020.

Grow NEDC Memberships

Grow NEDC membership investment by 100% over the next 24 months.

Support of Existing Business & Industry

Focus on support of existing business & industry by ensuring that each identified company is visitedannually.

Fill Building Inventory

Market existing building inventory with the goal offilling at least 50% of available property/space in the next 24 months.

Increase Conference Space & Lodging

Pursue and support enhanced conference space andlodging options in Nevada over the next 24 months

Attract & Support Restaurants & Microbreweries

Work to attract and support an additional restaurant and/or microbrewery (serving food) in Nevada in the next 12 months.

Community Recreation Center

Evaluate NEDC Board’s position on a community recreation center by March 1, 2019.

Rebrand NEDC

Re-brand/update NEDC website and marketing materials.

Invest with NEDC

Please join us. Together we can continue Nevada’s growth.
Membership Investment: Beginning at $500. Ask about Gold Memberships.

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