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It is the purpose of the NEDC to assist in the development and implementation of a plan to encourage and promote the establishment, development and retention of industrial, manufacturing, housing and commercial interests in the City of Nevada. The effectiveness of the plan will be measured by how it diversifies the economic base by creating and retaining jobs, increasing or adding new businesses, adding tax base and broadening community betterment. As a result of the plan, the City and its citizens should enjoy better prosperity, higher standard of living and a better quality of life than is possible without such planning and development.
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Want to play a role in Nevada’s Growth? Nevada needs your participation to continue moving the community forward.

Nevada Economic Development Council (NEDC) was incorporated as a non-profit 501 C6 corporation in the early 1990’s. Although the City of Nevada and the NEDC are separate entities, a partnership of nearly 20 years has existed to accomplish a shared vision for community growth. Typical players in this partnership have been NEDC, City officials and staff, Iowa Department of Economic Development and the community’s utility providers. Area businesses and citizens play an important role in supporting growth within the community.

Over the past decade, these partnerships have provided new projects that have added more than $53 Million in assessed valuation and provided more than $1,624,000 in additional tax revenues to the City of Nevada annually. Jobs created/retained as a result of these projects total more than 1000. A stagnate and “no growth” community is a dying community. At a time when many communities of Nevada’s size have experienced declining industrial and business growth, Nevada continues in a growth mode.

NEDC Strategic Plan & Goals


Support completion of the following by April 15, 2023

  • New Construction Starts - 40
  • New Rental Units - 10
  • Redevelopment/Rehabilitation of Housing Units - 10

Commerical Development

Assist and support new +/- 30-acre commercial development on the south side of Highway 30 by April 15, 2023. 

Recruit two new restaurants to Nevada and build an investor prospect pool by April 15, 2023. Target - mid-range, casual dining. 

Support the organization of a "volunteer drive Investor Pool" that supports a hotel and two restaurant projects in Nevada by 5/1/2022.

Industrial Development

Acquire and prepare 40 acres for industrial development by April 15, 2023. 

Engage conversations with landowners to acquire additional transferable options on land in 40-acre parcels. Goal to secure 4 parcels by April 15, 2023. 

Explore partnerships and activities that attract and retain high quality individuals to work and live in Nevada. Goal: Utilize NEDC digital media at least 2 times each week to promote Nevada employment, housing, and quality of life by May 15, 2021.


Attract 10 new $1,000 investors thus increasing annual investment by at least $10,000 a year by April 15, 2023.

Establish an updated and enhanced NEDC marketing plan by April 15, 2023. Goal to increase organizational visibility for local stakeholders as well as external businesses. 

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