NEDC Board Member Spotlight Q & A with Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook

What is your hometown? Norfolk, Neb.

Occupation and company you work for? City Administrator, City of Nevada

What is a fun fact about your business or something you’re doing at your business that you’re excited about? I’m excited about the growth and collaboration we have with community partners.

What is your role with the NEDC, and how long have you been involved? I have been involved with NEDC for about a year, and my role is to help support the economic development within our city.

What is the most interesting or incredible thing you have learned about local economic development by being involved in the NEDC? I’ve learned that relationships are being built on a regular basis.

Why do you continue to be involved in local economic development? Why is this an important issue for you? I want to see Nevada continue to flourish. Economic development affects all aspects of a person’s life. We want to be able to create an environment where citizens can work, live, and play. Quality of life is extremely important, and we are achieving that in Nevada.

What other involvements do you have in the local community/county? Other involvements include Rotary, Main Street Nevada, Historical Society. 

What are your favorite pastimes/hobbies? I enjoy golfing, hiking, kayaking, and sightseeing.

Who are the members of your family? I have a fiancée, Miranda, and we have two dogs, Amelia and Obi. We do not have a date set for the wedding, but I am sure that will be soon!

What is something fun about you that only your high school or college friends would probably know? I was a huge fan of Cookie Monster until I found out his name was Syd and not Cookie Monster. 

If you had only one hour a week to watch TV, what would you watch? Criminal Minds

What has 2020 taught you? Be a chameleon, learn to adapt, and accept change.