What is your name and position in the company/business? Mason Adams, Key Account ManagerALliant Energy Logo


What year was your company started/founded? 1917


Where is your company headquarters located? Corporate HQ – Madison, Wis.; Iowa HQ – Cedar Rapids


Is there any interesting story or detail about your company’s early days that is fun to share? We expanded service operations into places as far as Oklahoma and Manitoba (Canada) in the 1920s.


How many employees does Alliant have now? 3,375


What types of jobs are there within your business? Electrical Engineers, Gas Distribution Engineers, Turbine Engineers, Mechanics, Lineman, Technicians, System Operators, Logistics, Supply Chain, Finance, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Program Market Analysts, Insurance/Risk, Legal, HR and many many more


Where can people review current job openings with your business?


In the simplest of terms, what does your company do? We safely and responsibly deliver energy to power homes and businesses.


What are some ways your business and its employees have engaged with members of the community?

Nevada Economic Development Council

Construction Projects

Public Safety Foundation Grants


What do you believe your business is best known for? Delivering energy to power homes and businesses


Is your business looking toward any big changes in the near future? Clean Energy Blueprint


Did the pandemic have any major effect on your business, either positive or negative? Yes. Alliant Energy had to find new and innovative ways to continue to provide safe and reliable energy while minimizing the risk of spread to our employees and customers.


Why is Nevada/Story County a great place for your business to be? Alliant Energy takes great pride in serving our communities across the state of Iowa (and Wisconsin) and especially enjoys the collaboration, relationships, and partnerships we have in Nevada and Story County. 


What’s the best way for people to learn more about your business – do you post on social media or keep up a website? Yes. Alliant Energy has a Facebook page and website.