NEDC Investor Spotlight Q & A with Mancave Estates, LLC

Man Cave Estates

What is your name and position in the company/business? Dave Sly, co-owner with Brad Lenz

What year was your company started/founded? 2011

Where was the business located when it started? Our first location was the old Cars-n-More building (Gunderson Motors) at 60754 West Lincoln Way.

Where else is the business located? We also purchased the old Deere location on Nevada’s main street (1316 Sixth).

Is there any interesting story or detail about your company’s early days that is fun to share? The entire business was started on the statement: “Somebody should do something about that building…” I guess we decided that we were “somebody!” 😊

Do you know how many employees your business started out with when it first opened? We don’t have any employees (just Brad and I).

In the simplest of terms, what does your company do? Repurpose underused facilities into warehouse, shop, and retail spaces.

What are some ways your business and its employees have engaged with members of the community? We are members of the NEDC and participate in Main Street Nevada.

What do you believe your business is best known for? Mostly shop and storage space, but recently some retail (Nail Salon, Farm Bureau, and Nevada Barbell site).

Is your business looking toward any big changes in the near future? We are always looking out for restorable shop and warehouse locations in Nevada and Ames.

Did the pandemic have any major effect on your business, either positive or negative? No impact

Why is Nevada/Story County a great place for your business to be? It is handy because we live here.

What’s the best way for people to learn more about your business – do you post on social media or keep up a website? We do post on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. We will probably look into Zillow as well.