What is your name and position in the company/business? Kelly Grossman, Attorney

What year was your company started/founded? 2021

Where is the business located? 616 J Ave, Nevada, IA 50161

Is there any interesting story or detail about your company’s early days that is fun to share? When I made the decision to ‘hang my shingle’ in Nevada, I was sitting in a criminal trial in another county. The defendant had allegedly violated Iowa’s revenge porn statute. I applaud the members of the jury for being so professional and open minded as they heard the case. As you can imagine, it was emotionally charged and some of the evidence was… well, you can guess. The outcome was quite favorable to the defendant; when the verdict was being read by the Judge, I felt in my bones that I was meant to be a lawyer. It was a great experience to ride into developing my own firm.

How many employees has your business started out with? Just me and a plant that my sister got me; it’s my law fern.

How many employees do you have now? Just me… law fern is at my mom’s in horticulture ICU.

In the simplest of terms, what does your company do? Help people with their legal issues

What are some ways your business and its employees have engaged with members of the community? I have not yet engaged with many members of the community, but I look forward to becoming the face and name for legal counsel in Nevada.

Is your business looking toward any big changes in the near future? I really hope to become a resource to the community whether it be utilizing my financial planning skills (I have a degree in accounting from ISU), providing legal assistance in all areas of the law, and/or helping with land transactions. Nevada has shown me such kindness, I want to be able to give back any way I can.

Why is Nevada/Story County a great place for your business to be? Nevada is the county seat, so the criminal courthouse is just a few minutes away, it’s central to all of my mentors, and it is just a pleasant place to be!

What’s the best way for people to learn more about your business – do you post on social media or keep up a website? Check out my website!; email; or call/text 515-556-4079.