NEDC Branding

New branding accompanies ‘new wave of energy’ in Nevada

For the first time in Nevada’s history, three major community entities – the City of Nevada, the Nevada Community Schools, and the Nevada Economic Development Council (NEDC) – share a brand.

A unique letter N on a petal, whether used by the City, the School District, or the NEDC, will say Nevada to all who see it.

The school district first adopted the fresh, clean, and modern style N in 2017 before its website and branding refresh in 2018.

“We had a prior district logo, an N with the tagline ‘Center of Excellence’ that had been in use for quite some time, but not used consistently,” said Joe Wakeman, director of Technology and Communications for the Nevada Community Schools. “So, we undertook the process for a refreshed look to represent the district in non-athletic affairs.”

Late in 2018, conversations started between the NEDC, the City and the Schools, about sharing the new N brand.

“We knew we needed a rebrand,” said John Hall, Executive Director of the NEDC, who began his position in May of 2018. “The City knew it was at the same point (of needing a rebrand). We thought, ‘Let’s pull all the major entities together.’”

With the school having just gone through a major rebranding, Hall said, it made sense for the others to take advantage of those efforts.

Wakeman said the School District was glad to share the new branding, including the N, the N’s trademarks and brand standards.

The Nevada Community Schools color palette features the historic school colors of purple and gold.

The Nevada Community Schools color palette features the historic school colors of purple and gold.

The City of Nevada’s color palette is now made up of bright green, along with gray, black, and blue accents.

The NEDC has a blue color for its N, along with gray accents.

A white N has also been given to the Nevada Community Foundation, the new nonprofit for charitable giving.

Hall said the cohesive branding provides a significant benefit to the community. “It shows to not only those in the community, but also to those outside of it, that the entities in our community are all pulling in the same direction… we have a broad, but cohesive vision of what the future looks like, and together, we can accomplish that,” Hall said.

Nevada Mayor Brett Barker, who has been involved in the branding initiative, agreed with Hall. “We have been making a concerted effort to work together across our community rather than in our own individual silos. I think having a cohesive Nevada brand is a way to showcase that organizations across our community are all rowing in the same direction to move Nevada forward.”

The City and NEDC branding went into effect this past winter, around late February/early March. Residents will see more of the branding with social media and various marketing efforts, including new website designs coming soon.

Hall believes the new branding is part of an overall “new wave of energy in the community.”

“Building our cohesive brand allows us to champion that [new wave of energy] with one voice,” Hall said.

Wakeman was glad the school could share its branding. “While we may be independent entities,” Wakeman said, “we’re all still family. We’re Nevada.”